Spring and summer offered wonderful opportunities for great notes and special acquaintances.

In May, I spent a week in San Francisco sketching rehearsals with Alonzo King and his company of dancers known as Lines Ballet. To my surprise the Shaolin Monks were integrated into the program. I am excited to announce that Lines Ballet will appear in Portand September 24th at the Schnitzer. An event beyond your imagination!

On June 13th, I helped kick off Sarah Slipper's NWPDP with a benefit at the Lawrence Gallery. Choreographers donated short dynamic dances and I provided sketches from the floor during the performance. There was a light, fun buzzzz all evening. A very sincere thank you to those who attended. A publication called the "Ultimate Northwest" covered the event and did a nice write up.

Through out the summer NWPDP brought in choreographers and dancers nationally and internationally. Such a dynamic spark to the arts in summer.

A week later i was in Rome Italy. My heart be still! Magnificent torsos EVERYWHERE! I was quite humbled by the time I re-entered my studio when returning home.

It's September and my favorite time to check in with the Oregon Ballet. Christopher Stowell is working on the full length of Swan Lake. It's a challenge to sketch because of the many moves that appear soft or quiet when in fact they are extemely challenging to execute and quite powerful in the name of beauty. OBT will be on stage Oct 11th.

                                           See you at First Thursday,

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